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Workshops & Talks Available

Looking for a speaker for your book club, writing class, church fellowship group, or conference? Laura is an experienced performer, speaker, and workshop presenter. She has spoken before large and small audiences and been a guest instructor for classes from elementary school to adult. The following list of workshops are available for your next meeting or class and can be tailored to fit your audience and time frame.

Contact Laura for more details or to arrange an appearance.

Presentations and Book Talks: entertainment programs of reading and storytelling for groups of any size needing a speaker
Workshops: instruction and interactive learning sessions for small groups interested in writing or drama


Guardians: Spiritual Pilgrimage

Laura will share her journey of faith as she wrote the poems in her first book, Guardians, and tell the story of how the book came to be published. Several poems from the book will be performed and the audience will be invited to ask questions. The program will conclude with a book-signing session and books will be available for purchase.
30 minutes-1 hour

Acts of the Apostles, Volume I: Becoming A Drama Queen

Laura will discuss her book, Acts of the Apostles, Vol. I, the result of her eight years of experience as the leader of her church's children's drama workshop, which included writing all the plays, making costumes, props, and stage sets, as well as sharing moments of grace with children and adults. Audience participation will be available as scenes from different plays are performed. For those interested, books will be available for purchase and signing.
30 minutes to 1 hour

Labyrinth: Walking and Praying

As a trained labyrinth guide, Laura will share her experiences and poems as a labyrinth walker and guide. She will discuss the history and uses of labyrinths, its re-discovery in modern times, and how it is being used as a tool for meditation, healing, and ministry.
30 minutes to 1 hour

How to Lose a Poetry Contest

Tales from the contest-screening trenches. Laura has rejected tens of thousands of poems, novels and short stories in her years as a screener. This funny and informative talk includes war stories, examples and tips to keep your manuscript out of the slush pile.
30 to 45 minutes


Writing On Faith

Journaling has long been recognized as a tool for decreasing stress; it can also be used to deepen and express your faith. Learn to use a journal as a tool for meditation and prayer, enhance Bible study, and recognize the channels of grace in your spiritual life. Participants should bring writing materials for in-class exercises.
1 hour to 90 minutes

Starting Poems

For beginning poets whether your goal is to get published or personal expression, this class provides information and instruction on how to start writing more and improve your skills. Basic vocabulary and types of poetry are covered as well as tips for submitting work for publication. Bring writing materials for in-class exercises.
1 to 2 hours

Poets and Dreamers

Our dreams are full of sounds and images that are sometimes vivid, sometimes disturbing. Learn about dreams in literature and science, dream interpretation, and lucid dreaming. Tips for keeping a dream journal and using dreams as starting points for poems will be covered. We will perform a waking dream exercise in class, so bring writing materials.
2 to 3 hours

Everybody On Stage: Drama in Sunday School

Learn how to start a drama workshop, supply it with costumes, props, and stage pieces, improvise special effects, and teach the Bible in a way that allows children to live the story. Whether you want to train teachers for a regular drama workshop as part of Sunday School or use drama as part of Vacation Bible School or special celebrations, this class will work for you.
Consultations and half-day or full day work shops available